1) Come in the room only when you are ready to go to work.

2) Once you are in the room you may not leave without permission or you
     will be counted tardy.

3) To avoid a tardy you must be in your seat when the tardy bell begins
     to ring.  Racing the bell does not work in this class.

4)  I count tardies.

5)  Proper decorum in my class can be summed up in one word - RESPECT.
     I will respect you, and I expect you to respect me, yourself, your classmates,
     their property, school property, and your own property

6)  I will be using the school discipline system that has been adopted for the current year.


1) As you enter the classroom you will see a review on the overhead.  You are to
     immediately get your materials out and begin working on the review, don't wait
     for the bell; once in the room, you are there to work.

2)  After discussing the review we will grade the daily assignment (in pen.)

3)  We will discuss the graded assignments and I will answer questions until you are
     satisfied that you understand the current work.

4) You will post a grade on your assignment, and you will bring your folder/binder up to date.

5)  We will have a lesson on new material -- you will be required to keep notes during this
     time.  (It is your responsibility to get the notes from another student upon your return
     from an absence.  You are also responsible for missed homework.)

6) You will get assignments in math nearly every day.  I will try and give you time to begin
     work on them in class, however any work you don't finish in class you will be expected
     to complete as homework.  To get credit assignments must be completed before you
     enter the classroom on the days they are due.  (You are responsible for getting missed
     assignments from other students when you return from an absence.  You will be given
     a reasonable amount of time to make up missed work due to illness, but you will be
     expected to complete 2 assignments each day until all missed work is completed.)
     In addition, assignments can be found on my web site at the following URLS:   (for 8th PreAP)   (for Geometry)   (for 7th PreAP)

7) Occasionally you will be able to complete an assignment in class.  When this happens I
     expect you to work on math--including reading in the math book to help you reinforce
     what you have already learned.

8) Test days are different from other days.  What doesn't change on test days are my
     expectations for your work habits, effort,  and your behavior.