Learn Like A Hero

     The title was selected because in my classroom I name "My Heroes" after each evaluation.  The 5 or 6 top-scoring students and/or all students who score 100% are identified as Heroes on every evaluation.

     After many years of careful observation I have determined that students who make My Heroes list on a regular basis have certain habits/characteristics in common.  To learn like a Hero you need to follow the examples of past heroes.

Be confident that you will be successful learning advanced math topics.
 Come to class every day.
  Make a legitimate effort to complete the homework.
   Donít procrastinate with long-term assignments. 
    Pay attention in class.
     Read and follow instructions.
     Be prepared to do your best in class every day.
    Don't be satisfied until you completely understand each dayís material.
   Actively participate in class - ask pertinent questions and answer teacher/student questions.
  Be diligent completing all review problems ensuring that you are comfortable with each one.
 Always show the work and make diagrams/pictures whenever possible.
Understand that learning everything you can in the classroom will ensure success.
Be able to work with others toward a common goal.
 Take notes in class and use them for homework, and for studying for quizzes, and tests.
  Take responsibility for your own learning.
   Do everything you can to be organized - help is available.
    Know how to prioritize tasks that are to be completed - help is available.
     Employ good time management skills at home and at school - help is available.
     Understand that everyone at the Academy wants you to be successful.
    When you struggle with any concept come to LunchBunch or after school for clarification.
   Do what you need to do first so you will have stress free time to do what you want to do later.
  Practice exhibiting educational maturity and decorum beyond your peers.
 Work on developing the self-discipline required to be successful in school.
Do everything you can to be the best you can be.