I have been living in San Antonio since 1981, and  I taught mathematics in public schools in San Antonio from 1984 to 2005.  My first 12 years were spent in the North East District; five years at Wood Middle School, and 7 years at Eisenhower.  I then moved to Alamo Heights, and May, 2005 ended my 9th year at Alamo Heights Junior School.  I then completed 16 years teaching
at San Antonio Academy.  I have taught 6th Frade Math, Pre-Algebra, Pre-AP Algebra, and Geometry every year since 1984.  My students have enjoyed some modicum of success which I credit, for the most part, to them and their families.  The one constant over the years is my belief that anyone who has the desire to do well can be successful, but that no one can be successful at their level of ability without giving maximum effort.  I believe that if a parent/teacher/mentor can help a student find a reason to learn, and if the student is willing to give effort every day, then learning will happen.

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