Welcome to the Academy Geometry Open House
     I join all the other Academy teachers in the promise that we will make every effort to provide the exceptional academic program that is part of our schoolís mission.  We understand why you send your boys to the Academy, and we feel compelled to live up to your expectations.

Geometry is a high school math course that the majority of students do not encounter until they are in the 10th grade.  College bound students usually take Geometry in the 9th grade.  Very few students complete the course in 8th grade.

     Your boys have chosen to mathematically challenge themselves at the highest level this year.  Every one of them has what it takes to be successful in completing Geometry for a high school credit, but none will find it easy.  I hope they continue to work hard to accomplish the goal of successful completion.

     My first obligation is to provide the best Algebra I Pre-AP course that I possibly can, and I assure you I do everything I can to fulfill that obligation.
My main motivation to make this course the best that I can is that I know that Algebra is the language of all other mathematics, and because successful completion results in a high school math credit.  At the same time, I am obliged to teach a high-school-level version of Geometry the successful completion of which offers the possibility of an additional high school credit in math.  I assume that the students who work to complete both of these courses at the Academy are doing so to allow time in high school for one additional math course.  I expect that these students will complete both Calculus AP, and Calculus 3 or AP Statistics before they graduate from high school.

     I want to clarify how the grading works for this class:
 1. Grades earned in Geometry do not impact the studentís overall GPA
       However, they will probably appear on the high school transcript
 2.  In order to remain eligible to participate in Academy sponsored extra-curricular activities students must maintain a passing grade in Geometry

     Although I have never been absent from school for any reason I am not so naive that I believe that I will never be absent.  It is because I may have to be absent some day that I want to alert you to the possibility that you will one day receive a phone call from me or a parent before 6:30am informing you that Geometry class is cancelled for that day.

     I recommend that you spend a little time perusing my web site:
     I maintain it in hopes that it will be used to further your
     understanding about who I am and what I do.
     In addition, I post the homework for every class there by the
     Sunday afternoon before the week in which it will be assigned.
     Due dates for extended assignments are also posted there.

     Finally, San Antonio Academy is my life.  I may do other things as a diversion, but my heart and my mind (and often, even my body) are right here, working to be the best I can be at helping your sons be the best that they can be.
 So, please don't hesitate to contact me by Email, or, better, Cell, or, best,
 Text, @210.861.3895.  I am available anytime, day or night, including weekends.