8th Grade Algebra I  Pre-AP  Course Description
     Algebra I Pre-AP; Laying the Foundation for Calculus AP

     This is a very rigorous, fast-paced, complete High School Algebra I course that provides in-depth coverage of all of the traditional Algebra I topics using functions, and solving of complex traditional and non-traditional real-world problems as the common threads.

     This class covers topics at the highest level of rigor, at a faster pace, and in more depth than "regular" algebra courses.  The curriculum is designed to challenge the most talented math students.  In addition to traditional Algebra I topics students in Algebra I Pre-AP will be exposed to topics that are not formally studied until later in the math sequence.  Both linear and non-linear functions will be studied in depth in all of their forms, as will their applications.  The types of functions we will investigate include linear, quadratic, variation, power, radical, rational, absolute value, exponential growth and decay, and trigonometric functions.

     Technology is used throughout the course to enhance learning, to help understand concepts, and as tools to help solve real-world problems.  This includes use of the SmartBoard, and Graphing Calculators.  The ChromeBook computers the boys have are used when Blended Learning is employeed as a teaching/learning technique.  Students access specific websites that offer video presentations of pre-selected topics.  This may be assigned as homework, or as directed class work.  This is the "Flipped Classroom" method of providing students with a wider range of learning procedures that allow them to self-teach certain skills.  It is also available as a source for remediation.

                                    ALGEBRA I Pre-AP CURRICULUM

     Textbook: Algebra I; Addison-Wesley/Prentice Hall Publishing,

     This class will be taught using techniques that are being called, "Blended Learning".
This means that some homework requires students to watch a video that is the lesson for the latest topic.
They are expected to learn the material in the videos in the same way that they are expected to learn a lesson
when it is given live, in class.  Blended Learning techniques have been shown to be at least as effective as in-person
lesson presentations and have been incorporated in this class the past 2 years with great results.

     The 1st 8-weeks of the first semester will be invested in a complete review of the 1st 7 chapters in the book.
In other words, we will complete the 7th grade curriculum again to ensure that every student has the skills
required for success in the study of the more advanced topics to come.  Also, the 1st Semester will include
lots of lessons on the Graphing Calculator.
It will also include lots of supplementary material about functions.
     There will be topics introduced throughout the year that do not appear in the textbook.
They will be covered at the appropriate times that they naturally fit.
Check the 100 Algebra Topics on this website to see what most of the topics are.

Chapter 1: Expressions and Equations; this is a review of 7th Grade Algebra.

                 1-1, Operations With Numbers---------------
                 1-2, Variables
                 1-3, Powers and Exponents
                 1-4, Order of Operations                                     These sections will be treated as a
                 1-5, Expressions From word Statements      review.  They will be completed in
                 1-6, Introduction to Equations                           a day or 2.
                 1-7, Solving Equations
                 1-8, Problems That Lead to equations----
                 1-9, Problems That Lead to Expressions and Equations (will be taught
                        using function language and will be completed in 2, or 3 days.)

Introduce the TI-84+ Graphing Calculator.  1 week.

Chapter 2: Operations With Negative Numbers; this is a review of pre-algebra.

                 2-1, Intro. to Negative Numbers-----------------
                 2-2, Adding Integers
                 2-3, Subtracting Integers                                   The first 7 sections will be
                 2-4, Multiplying Integers                                      completed in 2, or 3 days.
                 2-5, Dividing Integers
                 2-6, Commuting and Adding
                 2-7, Equations That Need Two Transformations-
                 2-8, Problems That Lead to Two Transformations

Chapter 3: Distributing Axioms and Other Properties; this is a pre-algebra review.

                3-1, Distributing--------------------------------------------------
                 3-2, Distributing Multiplication Over Subtraction     Chapter 3 will be
                 3-3, More Distributive Properties                                  completed in 2, or 3 days.
                 3-4, Like Terms and common Factors
               3-5, Field Axioms
               3-6, Properties of Equality

Chapter 4: Harder Equations; this is a pre-algebra review.

                 4-1, Equations With Like Terms-----------------------------
                 4-2, Equations With Like Terms and Distributing
                 4-3, Equations With Variables in Both Members       4, or 5 days
                 4-4, Equations That Involve Decimals
                 4-5, Literal Equations and Formulas----------------------
                 4-6, Problems That Involve More Than One Expression.  3 or 4 days

Chapter 5: Some Operations With Polynomials and Radicals; this is a review of Algebra

                 5-1, Introduction to Polynomials------------------------
                 5-2, Names of Polynomials
                 5-3, Products of Two Binomials
                 5-4, Factoring Quadratic Trinomials, a = 1
                 5-5, Factoring Quadratic Trinomials - 3rd Term Neg.    Approx. 1 week.
                 5-6, Factoring Quadratic Trinomials, a > 1
                 5-7, Factoring the Difference of Two Squares
                 5-8, Squaring a Binomial
                 5-9, Factoring Trinomial Squares
                 5-10, Radicals, Irrationals, and Closure--------------

Chapter 6: Quadratic Equations; this is a review of Algebra

                 6-1, Introduce Quadratic Formula-------------
                 6-2, Evaluating Radical Expressions
                 6-3, Equations Containing Absolute Value
                 6-4, Equations With Squares
                 6-5, Equations With Trinomial Squares             1 week
                 6-6, Completing the square
                 6-8, The Quadratic Formula
                 6-9, Vertical Motion Problems  2 or 3 days
                 6-10, The Discriminant----------------------------

 Chapter 7: Expressions and Equations Containing Two Variables; this is a review of Algebra

                 7-1, Evaluate Expressions With 2 Variables
                 7-2, Cartesian Coordinate System
                 7-3, Graphs of Equations With 2 Variables
                 7-4, Intercepts and Rapid Graphing
                 7-5, Slope and Rapid Graphing                         Approximately 2 weeks.
                 7-6, Finding an Equation From Graph                   Done simultaneously with the reviews indicated, above.
                 7-7, Find Intersection of 2 Graphs
                 7-8, Solve Systems By Substitution
                 7-9, Solve Systems By Linear combination
                 7-8b, Solve Systems By Using Matrices
                 7-10, Problems Involving 2 Variables  3 or 4 days

Chapter 8: Linear Functions and Scattered Data.   This begins the new material for 8th Grade

                 8-1, Linear Functions ----------------------------------
                 8-2, Scattered Data and Linear Regression              Approximately 1 week.
                 8-3, Probability
                 8-4, Experimental Probability ----------------------

Chapter 9: Properties of Exponents

                 9-1, Prime Numbers and Prime Factors--------
                 9-2, Exponentiation
                 9-3, Exponents, Products and Powers
                 9-4, exponents and Quotients                         3 Weeks
                 9-5, Negative and Zero exponents
                 9-6, Powers of 10 and Scientific Notation
                 9-7, Problems Involving Scientific Notation

Chapter 10: More Operations With Polynomials

                10-1, Review Multiplying and Factoring Polynomials
                10-2, Greatest Common Factor
                10-3, Factoring Out Common Factors
                10-4, Common Binomial Factors                          3 Weeks
                10-5, Factoring By Grouping
                10-6, Factoring Harder Quadratics
                10-7, Solving Quadratic Equations By Factoring-------

Chapter 11: Rational Algebraic Equations

                11-1, Rational Algebraic Expressions and Equations----------
                11-2, Simplify Rational Algebraic Expressions
                11-3, Multiply and Divide Rational Expressions
                11-4, Least common Multiple
                11-5, Add and Subtract Rational Algebraic Expressions             3 Weeks
                11-6, Combined Operations and Special Cases
                11-7, Long Division
                11-8, Fractional Equations - Extraneous Solutions
                11-9, Problems With Ratio and Proportion
                11-10, Problems With Probability and Rational Equations

Chapter 12: Radical Algebraic Expressions

                12-1, Radical Algebraic Expressions----------------
                12-2, Sums, Differences, Products of Radicals
                12-3, Quotients of Radicals
                12-4, Binomials With Radicals
                12-5, Square Roots of Variable Expressions         3 Weeks
                12-6, Radical Equations
                12-7, Pythagorean Theorem and Applications
                12-8, Higher Order Radicals
                12-9, Rational and Irrational Numbers---------------

Chapter 13: Inequalities

                13-1, Number Line Graphs--------------------------
                13-2, Solving Inequalities
                13-3, Compound Inequalities
                13-4, Inequalities With Absolute Value            2 Weeks
                13-5, Given x, Evaluate the Expression
                13-6, Linear Inequalities With 2 Variables
                13-7, Systems of Equations and Inequalities

Chapter 14, Functions and Advanced Topics +

                14-1, Functions------------------------------
                14-2, Direct and Inverse Variation
                14-3, Linear Functions                             4 Weeks
                14-4, Trigonometric Functions
                14-5, Quadratic Functions---------------

                Enrichment includes more function investigations

Semester 2 includes much more supplementary work with functions.  It also includes time for a short review,
 the ERB End of Course Test, and the Algebra End of Year Test.