Chapter 6 Videos Algebra Pre-AP

    6-1.  Introduce the Quadratic Formula

    6-2.  Introduce Evaluating Square Root Expressions

    6-3.  Introduce Solving Absolute Value Equations

     6-4.  Introduce Solving Binomial Squared Equations

    6-5.  Introduce Solving Perfect Square Trinomial Equations
             6-5b.  Introduce More Solving Perfect Square Trinomial Equations

    6-6. Introduce Completing the Square

    6-7.  Introduce Solving Equations By Completing the Square
             6-7b.  Derive the Quadratic Formula

     6-8.  Introduce Solve Quadratic Equations By Using the Quadratic Formula

    6-9.  Introduce Vertical Motion Problems

     6-10. Introduce The Discriminant Formula